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First of all, I wanted to announce a small update about my blog. You guys might have noticed a small change already. I decided to change my blog name 'Style à la My' into 'Enmyvida'. I actually wanted to make this change for a while now and I finally did. At first when I started this blog, I thought I would blog mostly about fashion. But after a few years, I realized I'm not only writing about fashion, but also about beauty and traveling a lot. That's why I made this decision. If you guys are wondering, the name 'Enmyvida' is derived from the words en mi vida, which means in(to) my life. But I changed mi into my name :) What do you think of my name? ^^

And now, onto my Paris trip. Last month I went to Paris for a second time this year. Train tickets were on big movember sale for such a bargain! And of course for a Paris lover as myself, I could not stop myself from going. After waiting for about 4 hours, I was able to get the desired train tickets. This time I visited some interesting places, which I've never been before. It was my first time visiting a gallery and although I'm not passionated about art, I find it pretty interesting to look at. Besides, I also visited Champs-Élyésees, Jardin du Luxembourg, Galeries Lafayette and The Marais for some sightseeing and not to forget shopping! I would highly recommend The Marais if you're into vintage clothing. Streets there are filled with vintage shops and lots of small restaurants. A very cozy place I would say :)

Kris Ruhs exhibition "Hanging Garden" at Galerie Alaïa. I guess this might have took forever to finish. But the result is outstanding!

Since it's almost Christmas season, I also decided to take a look at the luxurious department store Galeries Lafayette to see the huge decorated christmas tree inside.

The famous Luxembourg Garden! This was ranked high on my must-Paris list. I find French gardens and architecture so stunning to look at. I must say you never get tired of the beautiful buildings in Paris. In fact they amaze me :)

"A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty and"in the point of life."

Thank you for reading and  have a great monday! 

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