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I know lots of you guys are obsessed with korean cosmetics! So today I wanted to share with you webshops that provide korean cosmetics :) I've summed up a list of online stores for you girls, who want to discover some other shops. In the past I've purchased from many different online webshops. Most of them provide free shipping while mark-up their prices and others provide shipping costs based on the amount of products you are going to buy or weight/location. I personally prefer shops that provide free shipping, because  I won't have to worry about extra costs at the checkout. There are stores where you have to pay a large amount for shipping costs, which I'm not a fan of. What I like to do is compare the product that caught my interest in different shops and see which shop offers the cheapest price. The greatest thing about korean sellers is that they provide samples with every order! Always comes in handy right? ;P Hope you guys find this list helpful to expand your makeup collection and don't forget to keep an eye on your wallet ;) 

Beautynetkorea (free shipping worlwide, wide range of brands)

Cosmetic-Love (free shipping worldwide, great deals)

Honestskin (free shipping worldwide, crazy deals, prices are slightly more expensive then others)

Jolse (free shipping worldwide, $3 credit for new customers)

Twofacemall (free shipping worldwide)

W2Beauty (free shipping worldwide, great customer reviews)

Wishtrend (free shipping over $69, high quality products)

11ST (shipping costs based on weight/location, also offers international brands)

G-market (shipping costs based on weight/location, special discount coupons)

Ibuybeauti (shipping costs based on weight/location)

Koreadepart (shipping costs based on weight/location)

Kpopplus (shipping costs based on weight/location)

Kpoptown (shipping costs based on weight/location, low prices)

Pretty & Cute (shipping costs based on amount/weight/location)

RoseRoseShop (shipping costs based on weight/location, special discount events)


"Be your own kind of beautiful"

Thank you for reading and  have a lovely weekend! 

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12 reacties

  1. This is a really interesting post. I don't have any experience with Korean beauty products myself, but I've heard very good things about it! :) x Frederique - http://fablefrique.com

    1. Korean cosmetics are great! You should give it a try sometime ;)

  2. Great post! :) Usually, I buy my stuff from honestskin or jolse :) I'm so obsessed with Korean beauty! What's your favorite brand btw?:)
    Happy Valentine's Day! :)

    1. Thank you Jenny :) I also buy most of the products on honestskin, but unfortunately they increased their prices a lot because of the free shipping :S My favorite brand is absolute Etude House ^^ Their packaging never dissapoints me :P Hope you had a happy valentine's day! ;)

  3. Great recommendations <3
    I visit Cosmetic Love quite frequently myself - they offer free worldwide shipping as well!

    1. Thank you Kristine :) I've purchased from them before and I have to say that they are very generous giving out samples ^^ Also the free shipping is a plus! :)

  4. Thanks for the fantastic list! I've been looking for a great list like this so you got my bookmark ^^ I was wondering, out of all of these which is your personal favorite? That way I can be more sure they're trustworthy!

    1. Thank you so much Olivia! :) I'm very glad you find my list helpful :D I really liked honestskin, because their prices were pretty low even though I had to pay shipping costs. Unfortunately not long ago they offered free shipping and now their prices are ridiculous high compared to other shops :S For now my favorite has to be cosmetic-love and beautynetkorea :) Their prices are very reasonable and they also provide free shipping worldwide ;)

  5. I've never bought any korean cosmetics and I hardly know anything about them but this is sure a great list to check out, haha ;)


    1. Thank you =) You should give it a try :) Their skin care products and makeup products are made of high quality and works really well ;)

  6. I love sites that do freshipping with no minimum! Thank you for your helpful post <3


    1. Yes me too! You're welcome Jolie! :) I'm glad you found it helpful ^^