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Today I wanted to share with you my beauty purchases from November and begin December. I've been really into cosmetics lately :) I couldn't wait to use my beauty gift vouchers, which I got for my birthday! Sixty euros was given to me to spend in the shop Ici Paris XL. Last week the shop hosted a huge sale. A discount of 40% on all lipsticks and lip glosses, crazy deal right?  I was craving for a lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent for so long and I finally got it ^^ I can't wait to review the products for you :)

My first purchase was this cute kabuki brush from Essence. I bought it for only €3,99. Normally, these brushes from other brands cost quite a lot. This brush is made for applying powders. It's made out of soft, synthetic hair. I haven't tried this brush yet, but I will soon :)  

The next product I got is this Instant Anti-Age concealer by Maybelline New York. I got it in shade 'light'.  Normally, this product cost around twelve euros, but I bought it for only €5,59. I heard a lot of positive reactions of this product, so I decided to give it a try. I haven't found a good a concealer yet, but this is the best concealer I have tried so far. This concealer is intended for dark circles, but I use it for my blemishes.

These nail polishes by Only You were on sale at Ici Paris XL. I got 3 for €10, which normally cost €5,54 apiece. I'm really loving the red burgundy color. I think it's perfect for the fall and winter. It's just a beautiul color :) I also got a base coat and top coat for regular use.

 I also got 2 nail polishes by Sally Hansen, which are my favorite right now. Those cost around €10 apiece, but I got two for €10. The glitter effect is a must-have for the holidays and New Years eve. The pink fuzzy coat looks so fun. I've never seen any that looks like this. It reminds me of the fuzzy sweaters. The color is so pretty!

I also bought 2 korean cosmetics. The first one is this color glow lipstick by Innisfree in shade number 5. I bought this one for $11 on the webshop Cosmetic-love. This color is just stunning! It's my favorite lipstick at the moment. The lipstick glides very smooth on your lips and it's also very moisturizing.  The lipstick has a burgundy red color, which looks really great. You can use it for daily basis.

The second korean cosmetic is this fresh cherry lip tint by Etude House, which I got from my little brother for my birthday. I've tried a sample of the red cherry tint and I loved it. It was $6,21. The color I got is called 'cherry peach'. The name itself says it already. It's a peachy color. This lip tint is perfect for people who don't want a pigmented color, but just a slight hint of color.

I have been craving this rouge volupté shine lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent for ages and I finally got it on sale :) I'm so happy with this product! The design of the lipstick is fabulous! The lipstick has a very luxury feel and trust me, it looks way better in real life! I got this for €19,79 instead of €32,99. Such an awesome price, even though it's still on the pricey side :) The color I got is number 14 called 'Corail in touch'. The color is a mix between red and orange. It's great for the warmer seasons, such as spring and summer. 

The last item I got is this pure shine intense colour long wear lip gloss by Chanel. The color I got is number 52 called 'Genie'. This is also a peachy color. I've been obsessed with peachy lip products lately. The color looks natural and is wearable for any occasion. It's great to combine with any kind of eye makeup. Suprisingly the lip gloss doesn't dry out my lips. Lip glosses tend to dry out my lips regularly. This lip gloss was around €19, I guess. I don't know the exact price anymore, since I lost my receipt hihi.. 

Have you tried any of the products before?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! 

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  1. amazing!

    Lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
    casper&pearl blog xo

  2. I've heard rave reviews about Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick! I think I have to try it out too :D

    ☼ ☀Summer Solstice☀ ☼

  3. I wanted to get this Innisfree lipstick but I can't decide between #5 and #6 :D:D I like the Rouge Volupte one, such a nice shade (I love oranges, but I can't wear them :/) :D


  4. I'm so obsessed with sparkly nail polish this season. And I've never tried coral lipstick/gloss, but I'm really curious now after seeing your YSL stick!


  5. I love these nail polishes. They colors are gorgeous!

  6. Nice stuff [: really enjoy reading your blog!
    wanna follow each other?